Before Officer Melvin Santiago was ambushed and shot to death, his killer, who’s name I will not mention, who was later killed by police, told a witness to “watch the news because I’m going to become famous.”  

Thomas Northcut, Getty Images

We see this happen time and again throughout history with these murderers. Sometimes, the press even goes so far to produce documentaries about killers - especially ones who kill celebrities. Fortunately, there are those who refuse to watch.

I wish we could pass a law that would withhold the killer's name from any news story, as they do for minors. A more realistic version of that is a law that bars the press from glorifying killers in any way. That means no documentaries, no feature stories, no cable channels devoted to them, nothing.

What’s to be gained from these shows other than ratings? If the police are looking for information from a killer, let them get it on their own. There are better ways to become famous than for taking someone’s life.

Would you like to see the killer documentaries stop? Do you watch them?