Some of you may get a daily dose, like I do, of people refusing to move out of the left lane. As a daily driver of I-295, I see it every day. On weekends I see it on the Atlantic City Expressway.

If you see a “crazy driver“ weaving in and out of the middle and right lane to get ahead it’s because of the left lane hog. If you see a car behind you and it looks like he wants to pass, just move over.

The left lane is for passing! You are not the monitor of how fast anyone goes. You may be going over the speed limit and feel that’s enough for everyone else. It’s not! There’s no reason to stay in the left lane if cars are on your tail or passing you on the right.


It’s unfathomable why anyone would stay in the left lane as they see drivers frantically passing them on the right or aggressively moving up on the rear bumper.

In South Jersey, especially on the Atlantic City Expressway on weekends, it’s primarily Pennsylvania drivers. On 295, 195 and the New Jersey Turnpike sometimes it’s New York drivers and yes, sometimes it’s even Jersey drivers.

A few years ago, the state instituted a law that the cops seemed to be enforcing for a while. Once on I-295, I actually saw a driver pulled over for hogging the left lane. Of course, they pulled over into the left shoulder. A major no-no!

No doubt this is the cause of many accidents in New Jersey. It’s a simple rule if you were on a two, three or four-lane highway in the left lane and you see that someone wants to pass you, no matter how fast you think you’re going, move over!

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