It's outrageous. Or is it?

Another tragedy, another opportunity for the trolls to politicize it and disparage the very people trying to help.

Within hours of an enormous Category 4 hurricane slamming into Florida, causing massive property destruction and claiming at least a hundred lives, the attacks started.

The political left trying to blame the deaths and mayhem on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. New Jersey Gov. Murphy delaying a response with our top-notch search and rescue team. Trolls on social media using terms like "Death-Santis."

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Then there's the limate-crazies blaming a storm on your gas-powered car.

Aren't you sick of it? I am.

Climate change first: The climate is ALWAYS changing and has been for millions of years. If the "sky is falling" propagandists were right, we'd have been underwater years ago. Or frozen over with the ice age the panic peddlers pushed in the 1970s.

The push for mandates and bans ignores the fact that America has some of the cleanest air and energy production in the world. We should be celebrating the innovations over the past 40 years, not trying to scare people into making life less convenient for the fantasy of saving the planet.

We should be teaching science and the adaptability of humanity. Instead, through our colleges, social media and major news outlets, we're pushing a narrative of fear, negativity and panic.

A quick look at the storm history in South Florida clearly shows that this is not about an increase in greenhouse gasses. There were actually FEWER major hurricanes hitting South Florida since 1963 than in the 60 years between 1903 to 1963. Sixteen major hurricanes made landfall between 1903 and 1963 compared to 13 since 1963.

The challenge is that "science" today is used selectively and to push a political agenda. Why are we not educating the next generation on facts instead of a select narrative? For example, CO2 is vilified in the media and by the mandate-pushing left, but the reality is the opposite. CO2 is a life-affirming gas critical to life on our planet. As a matter of fact, greenhouses have much HIGHER parts per million than our outside air to enhance the growth of food. It's the opposite of what our schools are teaching.

The fact that our culture is now based on fear, blame and selective facts all leads to dangerous conversations. Conversations that vilify great leaders who are managing billions of dollars and leading government so millions can enjoy liberty and prosperity.

As far as Gov. Desantis, by all accounts, he did an outstanding job during the unstoppable storm setting up the evacuation process days ahead of the storm. People who choose to ignore common sense orders like that are putting themselves at unnecessary risk.

Millions were in the storm's path and there are just over 100 confirmed deaths. This relative success is consistent with the governor's performance during the COVID crisis. According to one study, Florida came out on top when it came to limiting deaths, limiting economic destruction and helping kids not lose years of development. So, if we're going to politicize every event, at least get it right. DeSantis is one of the great leaders of our time and should be a model for governors nationwide.

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