Labor day is here. I know—I can hardly believe it either. It’s so strange when school has already started and somehow it’s still summer!

It flew by so fast that you may not have even had time to make plans. So here it is: Your curated list of what to do if Labor Day snuck up on you like it did for me.

Remember, it’s the last hurrah of summer ... so make it good! If you have had trouble coming up with a plan or are unsure of how to spend the day, (or the weekend!) there are still plenty of options.

Here are a variety of ways to make this labor day the best one yet.

  • 1

    Rent an Airbnb

    Want to get away but don’t want to pay for a hotel room at one of the most expensive times of the year? Airbnb has a handful of beautiful waterfront homes that can be rented for the weekend. This is a great option if you want to feel like you are on vacation but don’t want to fly.

  • 2

    Have a neighborhood BBQ

    I have always had a strong relationship with my neighbors, and we cooked together several nights throughout the summer. See if people in your neighborhood have any plans for the holiday and if not have a huge barbeque. Every family can bring a different dish, which makes the clean up easier, and is also a way to get to know your neighbors better.

  • 3

    Watch fireworks

    Fireworks are something that I will never get sick of. Something about them screams celebration to me, and who doesn’t love a good celebration? I always enjoy grabbing some popcorn and a blanket and watching fireworks with my family and friends. Sometimes a relaxing hangout is best.

  • 4

    Weekend Cruise

    Spirit cruise has a ton of Labor Day events where you can purchase tickets for a sunset cruise. The tickets will include food, live performances and relaxation as you cruise through the water and view the NYC skyline. I have done a handful of these cruises and each one has been unforgettable.

  • 5

    Attend a local fair

    Sometimes all you want to do is shove your face with some fried Oreos and cotton candy. While you should never need an excuse to do this, Labor Day is a pretty good one. Check out your local Patch to see if your town is hosting a fair, and if not I’m sure there’s one going on nearby.

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