All bets are off. That's the world we live in now after seeing yet another mass shooting, this time in Las Vegas. There are those that say "what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas" but this doesn't. These shootings have been going on all over the world, in places like OrlandoManchester, San Bernadino, Colorado Springs, Roseburg Oregon, Chattanooga, Tenn, Charleston SC, Isla Vista, Calif, Ft Hood Texas, Washington DC, and that's just since 2014. If you want to go back to 1984 click here. The Las Vegas shootings are the deadliest mass shootings in the country breaking the record set on June, 12 2016 when a shooter stormed into an Orlando night club killing 49 and wounding 58. That was just over a year ago.

Once upon a time tragedies like this were rare occurrences, you would never bet that anything like this could happen, but now all bets are off. For whatever reason, be it politics, or religion, social media, these deranged sickos are so driven to extremes that they not only want to make their point but take as many people with them as possible, even if that means mass murder/ suicide.

Does it matter if we change the gun laws? They have concealed carry in Nevada. If someone want to buy guns, they will get them no matter what the laws are. Do we wear kevlar vests when we go out just in case? Of course not. What can we do?

Really the answer is nothing but pray that you're not in the line of fire and pray for those that are. If you're an athiest, then just do nothing. We've gotten way to hostile and argumentative as a society. People are feeling helpless and frustrated. A perfect example of that would be the National Anthem protests.

It's really shame that here in America, with all the intelligence, wisdom, and technology we have in this county, we would feel helpless and frustrated. If we ever turned toward each other instead of turning away, there would be no stopping us. Right now, the only thing stopping us is ourselves.

When you hear about things like the Las Vegas shootings, you think all bets are off. The only thing they are betting on now is each other.

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