Dogs will eat anything. I was just giving lunch to my little boy and he dropped some spaghetti on the floor. Our dog Finn gobbled it up. Outside of the “Lady and the Tramp” scene is that normal? Dogs eating spaghetti? This dog will beg for anything.

Or there’s the leathery welcome mat my Golden Retriever George ate back in the day. That required medical intervention. Which required money.

So, listen, many if not most of us are guilty of sharing our human food with our dogs here and there. We know the vet says we shouldn’t but a piece of steak here and there makes them so darn happy.

Dogs with choice of food diet

Not all table scraps are equal. We’ve all heard chocolate in higher amounts can be deadly for canines. So are there things you need to know about for typical Labor Day cookout food? Yes.

The American Kennel Club put out some tips on what cookout foods could be bad news for your pooch if they get into it. Here’s a list of six things to not share with your hungry, loyal companion, and to not let them get to accidentally for that matter.

Veterinary bills are costly. Sick dogs in your car on the way to an animal hospital have unpleasant results. Scroll through and read what you shouldn't let your dog have at a cookout. Your upholstery will thank you later.

6 foods from your cookout that could harm your dog

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