Friday the 17th is Krispy Kreme’s 83rd birthday. I could tell you about an 18-year-old kid named Vernon Rudolph who met up with a chef on the Ohio River in 1933 and got a doughnut recipe off of him. Or about how he and his uncle moved to Nashville in 1934 and opened the first Krispy Kreme in a rented storefront. Or how by 1937 he opened his own shop in Winston-Salem, North Carolina then started really expanding in the 1950s

But you didn’t come here for that.

You came here to find out how you can get some free doughnuts. On Friday July 17 stop in at Krispy Kreme in Jersey City, Collingswood, East Rutherford or Springfield. If you buy a dozen doughnuts of your choice you will be gifted a second dozen of their original glazed at no charge.

And it’s not even National Doughnut Day! (Here’s some odd trivia. Did you know there are two National Doughnut Days? One on the first Friday every June but another every November 5.)

This is all for celebrating their birthday. Krispy Kreme has no dining areas due to the pandemic. But if you order online you can get delivery or door-side pickup according to Or they always have their drive-thru.

Omg I just went to their website and I never knew they offered a New York cheesecake doughnut. But a chocolate iced with Kreme filling is still a go-to.

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