When you remove a fast food burger from its wrapper and bite down, you are taking it on faith that there isn't something really disgusting between the buns.

Last week a KFC diner in the Toronto-area paid for this faith. As you can see, he took a big bite of his chicken burger only to find that somebody forgot to stick the chicken part in the deep fryer.

The photo was snapped by his dining companion and a member of the Reddit community, who then posted it on the social news website under the headline Fried Chicken #Fail.

Getting past the whole salmonella angle, many of the Reddit commenters seemed surprised that KFC's chicken looks so chicken-like in its raw form. Especially in light of rumors that KFC's birds are mutated sacks of formless meat that are then processed and reconstituted before hitting their restaurants.

In fact, there was some speculation that the photo was a fake because KFC's Frankenstein-ed chicken would never resemble the chicken you'd buy at a supermarket.

What do you think? Real or fake. And if it is real, does it actually make you feel a little better about eating at KFC knowing that they use actual chicken meat, uncooked or not?

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