When you watch the Super Bowl this Sunday you will see a green bracelet on New York Giants superstar Justin Tuck's wrist.

That bracelet is more than a good luck charm. It's a symbol of the friendship Tuck had with Middletown's Evan Sullivano, before Evan lost his battle with leukemia on October 26,2010 at the age of 18.

Through the incredible work of the Ashley Lauren Foundation, Tuck found out that he was Evan's favorite player and paid him a visit at his home in Middletown.

They got along so well that they became fast friends. The two stayed in touch through the ups and downs of Evan's battle and at one point exchanged bracelets.

The green one that Evan gave Tuck says 'Brick Strong' (Brick was Evan's Pop Warner nickname). Tuck has vowed that he will never be without the bracelet, and according to the Ashley Lauren website, says Evan "had more of an impact on me than I had on him."

Justin Tuck

So maybe on Sunday we will catch a glimpse of that green bracelet and we'll be reminded of what an amazing impact a star football player had on the life of a young man battling cancer, and what an impact that young boy had on the life of a star football player.

Maybe we'll remember that in the midst of the Super Bowl, as Justin Tuck helps his teammates battle the Patriots, that it is not the only battle Justin has aided in, and it's far from the most important.

On Sunday we should remember that we're not only paying tribute to great football player named Justin Tuck for his work on and off the field, but we're remembering a great football player the kids in Middletown called "Brick" and his heroic battle.

A super kid, a super football player and a super tribute. Forget the score, the hype and the game plan. That's what make's Sunday's Bowl Super.

Monica Vermeulen from Ashley Lauren Foundation Talks about Evan and Justin Tuck:

Evan's "Brick Strong" bracelets are available for purchase at the Ashley Lauren Foundation website. All proceeds go to benefit New Jersey children with cancer and their families.


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