The following nightmare submission comes from listener Julian in Toms River.

This nightmare occurred when I was a teenager. I can remember the dream from start to finish and it has stayed with me my entire life.

The dream started with me passing by a South Carolina sign on a building of non-importance, 5 seconds later lightning struck a few clicks away and got closer and closer. Eventually the lightning revealed a massive F4 tornado, so I started running in the other direction. As everything was being ripped to shreds, I jumped into a car with my mother and grandparents and started driving frantically down a highway that seemed to go into the hills. As the speed of the van increased, I looked back at the tornado and it was chasing us. We could hardly see the road, and soon enough we were going up a steep incline. Next thing you know we became airborne. While we were in mid-air, a massive lightning bolt struck the car and I awoke immediately to a thunderstorm around 3am at night.

The next day before school, I was watching the news with my mom when I saw the most horrifying story. The newscasters were reporting on a tornado in South Carolina with the same brown sign I saw in my dream the night before, but with a turned over truck in front of it. I will never forget the feeling of disbelief I had in that moment.


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