Comedian Julia Scotti joined me in studio Monday night to discuss the passing in of the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act in North Carolina, which forces people to use the bathroom of the sex they were born as. As a transgender woman, Scotti joked that congressmen seem "very concerned with my bodily wastes" and pointed out that "there's other things they could be dealing with."

I totally agree. As I said yesterday: The time has come for transgender bathrooms. I think these people concerned with where everyone goes to the bathroom have too much time on their hands.

As one caller, Tim from Brick, pointed out "I don't care who's in the bathroom, just don't pee on the seat." I wish that this was the thought process that more people in this country had.

Scotti noted this case sheds a bad light on the transgender community, making it seem as though they're monsters.

"People have this weird notion that transgender people are going in there to do nefarious things," she told me. "If I gotta go, I don't care who's in there."

I don't understand why people think that the purpose of them going into a bathroom is to harass others and not to ... you know ... pee.

The final point that Scotti made is that what's going on in North Carolina "is not much different" than when black people and white people couldn't be married. "It's discrimination based on how someone looks, nothing more."

Listen to Julia discuss the transgender bathroom issue with me in the video above.