I know it’s not glamorous. To many of you it may not even seem like fun. But to me it was heavenly. Now that the kids are (mostly) grown, I very much looked forward to a relaxing New Year’s Eve at home with my hubby watching TV and chilling. Now, it’s not like I really had that much of a choice. I wasn’t invited anywhere. There weren’t any cool parties to go to and I wasn’t given any alternatives. But I was thrilled.

I’m not from the “give me a prix fixe meal and a noisemaker to blow until I’m blue in the face” people I am more from the “let’s eat and watch 'Raging Bull'” people. So that’s exactly what I did. I’ve always been of the belief that going out on New Year’s is for young people, people who like to drink, or single people looking to hook up. I belong to none of the aforementioned groups.

Aside from our usual disagreement about snacking in bed (he hates when I do that) it was a perfect night. As a matter of fact it wasn’t until fireworks went off somewhere in my neighborhood that I realized we missed the dropping of the ball! But it didn’t matter. I enjoyed the new year more than I ever did when I was single and looking to mingle. So I’d like to say 2019 went out with a bang.. but the only bang was that firework. Instead, I can say it went out with a nice warm pillow and the blue glow from the TV set. Happy 2020!

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