Hey Mount Holly, are you ready to get your snack on? There's a brand new 7-Eleven now open on 939 Woodlane Rd!

I stopped by there just the other day to check it out and was so happy to see all my favorite 7-Eleven classics like Big Bite® Hot Dogs, pizza, taquitos, and the world famous Big Gulp®.

You guys know how much I love my morning coffee, so of course I couldn't leave before getting my caffeine fix from their bigger than ever coffee program, which includes so many different types of brews, syrups, toppings, and creamers.

Along with their assortment of frozen beverage options, they have an incredible selection of delicious fresh baked cookies and danishes that will pair perfectly with your drink of choice.

There's a reason why 7-Eleven is my go-to convenience store and it's because they do convenience like nobody else. I love having everything I need to get back on the go all in one place.

The next time you need to satisfy your appetite or fill up that morning cup of joe, do it at the brand new 7-Eleven, which is now open on 939 Woodlane Rd. in Mount Holly!

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