When John Lennon died, I was among the millions of people who took it and continues to take it very hard. I was on WPST the night he was murdered and in his memory, I've named one of my twin loys Lennon.

Susan Wood, Getty Images
Susan Wood, Getty Images

One of the songs that gave me comfort when I was playing what was then "album-oriented rock" was Yes "Your Move. I've Seen All Good People" I had never really paid attention to the words until one night when the lyric hit me.


"Don't surround yourself with yourself, move on back two squares, send an "Instant Karma" to me, initial it with loving care" When I first heard it I thought how great it was that they did that, then later in the song they sing "All we are saying is give peace a chance" in the harmonies. Granted the song was written ten years before Lennon's death but it took on so much more meaning afterward.

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I had always wondered how the Lennon lyrics got into the song. As it turns out Legendary YES lead singer and co-founder Jon Anderson who will be performing Monday night August 9th at the Ocean City Music Pier along with the Paul Green Rock Academy told me the story.

"When we were doing the song and I was writing the lyrics at that time" says Anderson, "I just brought the song to the band that afternoon and I wrote send an Instant Karna and I thought Who was I stealing from John Lennon how dare I?

Anderson continues "So we started doing the chant in the end and I started thinking Why don;t we sing in the background "Give peace a chance" so we started singing and got a few people in about twelve of us, and we're singing "All we are saying it give peace a chance behind the dit dit dit dit dit dit dit dit part"

Jon Anderson

"And that was the key you see" says Anderson because I had already sang two words of his incredible lyrics.

If you really want to "See All Good People" you need to see Jon Anderson with the Paul Green Rock Academy. for tickets click here.

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