I've known and worked with Joe DeVito for many years. He's one of the funniest guys you will ever see on stage. He talks about dating, family, and so many relatable things that we all go through, but not so much politics. That he saves for the "Gutfeld" The Fox News show which is dominating the late-night ratings.

I'm going to be opening for DeVito this Saturday night at the Comedy Cabaret in Doylestown along with Dena Blizzard and finally got to catch up with him when he called my New Jersey 101.5 show talking about both Gutfeld and comedy.

Joe DeVito on his comedy.

"It all depends on the audience. You know. So when someone comes to see us this weekend, because it's a comedy club. I'm a little bit edgier than I normally would be. I wouldn't say I'm just a clean comic. But I love jokes. And I feel like some people skimp on the joke by going for the easy laugh with the cursing or they don't need to. I feel like it helps the jokes. Yeah, sure. Go for it. But I just want the joke to work."

How did Joe DeVito land "Gutfeld"?

"I met Greg probably about 12 years ago when he had a show called 'Red Eye' which was on Fox News. It was like three o'clock in the morning. It was a very bizarre show because he'll even say no one from the network was watching it.  So you got to kind of learn how to do all these silly things. And I got to be a regular on that show.

"And then he had a Saturday show in which I was on the panel. And then when it was time to go nightly, you know, they reached out to me and said, Hey, do you want to be part of this? And I thought, give it a shot. And it's been a lot of fun. I do the shows to do well, I'm a little surprised that we were doing as well as we are that was a nice surprise."

Why did it take so long for a late-night show that leans right?

"I think that you look at those other shows like MSNBC knows who they are. They're out in the open about it, and CNN ended up moving so far away from the mainstream.

With Fox News, I don't feel like we really express opinions that would have been outside of what you considered normal opinions just a couple of years ago".

"But it is fun that, we're able to go out there and talk a lot of trash, I crack up because I write for the show, and there are times we'll sit there and think I can't believe I get to write these disrespectful jokes. politicians and celebrities because no one no one's punctured that balloon. And like, I think that's what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to look at the people who are in charge and mock them. They're worthy of it."

When you sit on the panel, do you worry that people won't take you so seriously because you're a comedian?

'That's a good question. I don't want to be one of those guys who says their opinions and then try to hide behind them. Well, I was just kidding. I feel like it's pretty easy to tell when I'm being serious. And when I'm making a joke about something, and also for people listening, I don't really talk politics in my act."

When doing comedy, Joe DeVito is all about comedy and nothing but comedy.

"I've seen it too many times where someone goes on stage, especially when it comes to politics and comedians, who cares what we think?  Most comedians are barely able to talk about their own lives in some sort of coherent way."

"So if you're getting your politics from a comedian, it's probably on you. Yeah, it is fun to be on the panel, because it's stuff that I want to say. And I still want to say it in a funny way, and it doesn't really keep me from saying what I want to say in my act."

When I'm on stage. My act is we are all in the comedy club, we're there to have a good time. I may push my luck sometimes, but I'm not there to push an agenda."

What Joe DeVito will push is your laugh button. To get tickets for Joe DeVito Saturday night at Comedy Cabaret in Doylestown click here.

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