Last Thursday night I had the pleasure of working with Jim Florentine at the Raymond Wood Bauer Amphitheater in Linden. It goes without saying that Jim's set was hysterical, touching on his growing up, his son, and messing with a guy in the audience that was so funny people thought it was a plant. I can honestly say it was not. But backstage we talked some music. He messes with me in this video.

Florentine was the former co-host of VH1's That Metal Show and thinks the music scene today is dead, the best interviews he ever done were Marilyn Manson and Ted Nugent.

Florentine doesn't talk Jersey in his act. "I like Jersey so I don't really make fun of it," he says. As for those who don't, Florentine says, "don't move there, less traffic. I want everyone to hate it so that they go 'I'm never moving there' and I can get to where I need to go quicker."

As for the Jersey music scene, "it's dead," says Florentine. "Nobody cares about original music anymore, original music, they just want to hear covers and old songs. No one's supporting the new music, all the bands are cover bands, there's mostly any places that do original music, besides the Stone Pony and a few other places but there's really not a scene."

Ultimate Florentine concert, "Zepplin, AC/DC and Black Sabbath."

I proposed the idea of a Metal Hall Of Fame in Old Bridge. "It's be great, get that Dunkin' Donuts out of there."

Florentine will be at the Stress Factory Thanksgiving weekend.

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