Once again the Jets lost a game that they should have won. This time to the Rams with their newest hope at quarterback Bryce Petty. The Jets are now 3-7 after going 10-6 last year under new head coach Todd Bowles and the quarterback that they had to have and paid 12 million dollars to Ryan Fitzpatrick, has been benched.

Like Peter Brady sang all those years ago, "it's time for change" and when was the last time you heard a Brady Bunch reference referring to the Jets? Well, there was that wasted number one draft choice Kyle Brady... but that's another story.

It's time for a change on the Jets and their solution will be honored tonight at halftime of the Giants Bengals game. The Jets should hire Tom Coughlin as their head coach next year. If you want to restore discipline, credibility, and respectability, there is no better choice!

Coughlin won two Super Bowls with the Giants by reinventing himself as more of a players coach. Despite back to back 6-10 seasons with teams decimated by injuries, he always had them in the games and he never lost his players. In fact, Coughlin had to calm a crying Eli Manning from the podium at his Giants exit conference.

Tom Coughlin would be the perfect guy to develop the next Jet quarterback, see Eli Manning and Marc Brunell whom he had when he was taking the Jacksonville Jaguars to the AFC title games in 1996-99. He's local and says he wants to coach again.

It wouldn't be the first time the Jets have hired a former New York GIants head coach. Bill Parcells got them to the AFC Championship game in 1998, and as far as Coughlin being too old, we just elected a 70 year old president.

As for what to do with Todd Bowles. I'd keep him on as defensive coordinator. That's what he does best and he's a Parcells guy which makes him a Coughlin guy.

If you want to restore hope to the New York Jets and their fans, then Tom Coughlin is the man to do it!

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