One of the easiest ways for a team to make quick money is to add another jersey to its lineup. Where once there used to be just two jerseys for a team, for home and the road, now comes a third and possibly fourth alternate.

Being a jersey guy along with a "Jersey" guy, I love it.

The Devils just came out with a new retro alternative just in time for the holidays. In fact, the new green Jersey does look quite "Christmasy." They should come with elf skates and Santa pants, but I digress. My son Albert, a Brooklyn Nets fan, just bought the new "Classic Edition" Kyrie Irving jersey featuring the blue and red they wore when they played here in New Jersey.

Personally, I'm a fan of the Giants blue jerseys, but also the white ones they wore in the '70s with the blue numbers. In the '80s, the Giants put red around their numbers and then in 1994 they went "throwback" to the '50s when the numbers were completely red. They have since added a "color rush" jersey, which is white with the blue numbers outlined in red. They wear once a year and I think they should make that their permanent road jersey.

Jerseys are for more than just the sport they play in. They're a fashion statement. So I asked, what are your favorite jerseys from the teams that play in New Jersey?

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Who would you vote off your Thanksgiving table?

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