This year's annual Halloween candy poll took on some real underdogs thanks to the nominations that came in from listeners. Some of these I never even heard of, which ultimately should shore up my bet that the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup will again be the ultimate champion.

I mean, Caramello? What kid ever longed for that in their pillow case? A Sky Bar? A Zero Bar? Have you ever even seen this strange candy species in a store? I'd rather Charlie Brown's bag of rocks.

Nonetheless, the results from our Sweets 16 are in with few surprises. (Note: New Jersey 101.5 earns revenue if you purchase any of thse candies using the Amazon links provided below)

Kit Kat trounced Sky Bar 94.4% to 5.06%.

Whatchamacallit narrowly beat Jelly Belly jelly beans 50.32% to 49.68% in the closest contest of all.

Oh Henry! beat Skor Bar 65.02% to 34.98%.

Hershey's Kisses destroyed Zero Bar 92.52% to 7.48%.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup beat Baby Ruth 77.74% to 22.26% in a contest that was lopsided but not as lopsided as it should have been.

In an upset, Clark Bar beat Skittles 54.88% to 45.12%.

100,000 Grand Bar defeated Charleston Chews 75.39% to 24.61%.

Snickers beat Caramello 78.2% to 21.8%.

Congrats to the victors who now advance to our Edible 8. The polls are now open, so decide who deserves to move on to the Flavorful 4 in the following matchups.

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