It's a really good question. And as divided NJ residents are on politics, food is worse. Everyone has their favorite and it's near impossible to change their mind.

Today we received a question through the NJ1015 app from Tom in Lambertville who subscribed to the "Bill Spadea Channel" asking where he should take his date for her first Pork Roll Egg and Cheese. It's a great question and it was near impossible to narrow down the list.

Here are a few places our listeners shared:

Stonebridge Bagels in Allentown
Slaters Deli in Middletown
Boomerang Bagels in East Brunswick
Lucky 7 in Jackson
Mystic Meats in Little Egg Harbor
Summit Diner
Brielle Bagels

What's your go-to? And equally important...ketchup or no?

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