New Jersey has always had an incredible club music scene which was really brought to light in the seventies after Bruce Springsteen showed the world how we rock. Those early albums singing about the shore and Asbury Park in particular coupled with the fact that you never knew when he would just show up and play, made people want to hit the bars. Once they got there, they were and still are treated to some of the best bands in the land.

There's an intimacy between a bar band and their fans. They are approachable. Gigs are like getting together and hanging out with old friends. They know your music and they never get tired of it. The fans are devoted and follow them from club to club. I asked who are your favorite club bands and this is what you came up with. Check out this great list that my social media followers gave me. I'll start it with, "The B Street Band."

Bob Inglis - Nerds!

Cindy Sivak - "Cats (on a Smooth Surface) and Kinderhook (Creek) - both were huge on the circuit. Cats has done a couple of reunion shows at the Stone Pony and Kinderhook reformed after several decades!"

Giulio Poli - "Yasgars farm"

Richard Zennario - "Salty Dog band....Their guitarist Paul Venier aka 'The Comedy Tornado' is now one of the top jersey club comedians."

Justin Morris - "Don't call me Francis"

Cindy Zwicker - "Eddie Testa Band!"

John Hamer - "Witness. South Jersey band from the 80s &90"

David Hoeffel - "Bricks Mortar...Not really appropriate to refer to them as a "Bar Band," as they were really pros who had recorded and toured with major artists. And they played all original material. And they had a label deal (Buddah). But they played in lots of bars around here, so..."

Patricia Tyson Purks - Shorty Long and the Jersey Horns!

Joseph Larrisey - "Johnny O and the Classic Dogs of Love. Started out in Philly Bucks County in the 80’s. Play AC now."

Rich Trevelise - "Going back to the 'The Watch' and 'The Nines'"

Marc Stout - "RIVALS"

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