When I first heard about this survey showing New Jersey as the most hated state in the nation, I first thought, the poll could have been taken from NJ residents only and may have produced the same results.

"New Jersey is the only state in the country which people tend to have a negative opinion of," YouGov said in its summary.

According to YouGov's findings, 40 percent of Americans have a negative opinion of New Jersey, the highest of any of the 50 states. - Patch.com

Perhaps we should celebrate. There aren’t many surveys where New Jersey comes in first. And let’s face it, we did beat out Alabama, so there’s that.

"People in New Jersey are unusually likely to take a hardnosed attitude towards life. They are unusually likely to say that they 'seek out challenging situations' and that they are willing to sacrifice their leisure time in order to get ahead in their career. Life isn't all challenge and work in New Jersey, however, as they're also unusually likely compared to Americans in the rest of the country to say that they enjoying going out drinking in bars," You Gov said in the survey summary.

Alabama was ranked as the second least popular state in the United States. - patch.com

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