put out a list of the scariest urban legend in each state and I assumed New Jersey’s would be the legendary Jersey Devil. But, no! It wasn’t. It was the Watcher in Westfield.

Now, that is a strange, scary story, but I was always under the impression that it’s NOT an urban legend, but the truth. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, the legend began in 2015 when a young couple bought a very expensive house in Westfield and started receiving creepy letters from someone called “The Watcher” with messages like asking if the house had been filled with the “young blood” he required. He also said he knew the children’s names and asked who occupied the bedrooms facing the street. The family never moved in. The buyers of the house also received unsettling letters and tried to get permission to tear down the house and subdivide the lot, but the town turned them down. They also sued the sellers for a lack of disclosure. It might be a good Halloween attraction.

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