If you know Ozark, then you know Charlie Tahan. He plays Wyatt Langmore on the Netflix hit drama. Yes, those Langmores. The very troubled family of ex-cons and criminals who live in trailers in the woods. Unlike most of the Langmores who are wholly despicable, and unlike Ruth who is despicable yet vulnerable, Charlie Tahan plays Wyatt as the underdog you find yourself rooting for. The kid who is better than his circumstances and just can't get out.

He's a solid actor who's been at it since 8 years old. And he's a Jersey guy! The 22 year old grew up in Glen Rock and went to high school there. I had no idea of this until now. I saw a writeup about a new movie he's in called Drunk Bus. What is it about New Jersey that has been the home to so many famous entertainers? Honestly I wonder if it's the work ethic. I've lived in other states and the work ethic here puts the rest of the country to shame. So maybe it's not that we have more talented people here. Maybe it's that the talented people we do have work harder at it and never give up until they make it. Jersey strong as they say.

In Drunk Bus he plays a troubled guy whose job is driving the late-night bus on a campus loop. It's a comedy-drama and he says he knew almost instantly he wanted the role.

"I loved the script and I read it and I was laughing, but really what it came down to was when I met John and Brandon, the directors," Tahan told the Asbury Park Press. "We met up and kind of got to talking and our sense of humor just really matched up and I really think we both got a sense of what it would be like.”

Here's a sneak peek.

Tahan says he was just so happy to even be working during the pandemic when so much of the entertainment industry found itself shut down. There's that Jersey work ethic again. While he's the lead in this indie movie, this is far from his first feature film. He's had smaller parts in over a dozen movies going all the way back to when he was 8 and played Ethan in I Am Legend, the Will Smith movie.

For Ozark fans, Netflix has not released a date for its fourth and final season, but word is it may be broken into two parts with the first coming this fall then the second in the spring of 2022.

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