🔴 NJ father and son both arrested for having child sex abuse materials

🔴 Defendant is a teacher and elected town councilman

🔴 Son also worked in school district; both are suspended

A popular teacher who also is an elected Tenafly council president and his adult son have both been arrested for possession of child sexual abuse material, according to Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella.

On Thursday, members of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Cyber Crimes Unit searched the Tenafly home of both 65-year-old Jeffrey D. Grossman and his 24-year-old son, Steven Grossman.

Glen Rock deadly hit and run (Google Maps Glen Rock police, Townsquare Media) Hawthorne woman killed pedestrian Angela Sanzari
(Bergen County Prosecutor's Office via Facebook)

Investigators found evidence that the men used the Internet to view and download items depicting nude and/or sexually explicit children.

According to criminal complaints filed by police, more than 1,000 such files were viewed or downloaded — and officers seized 32 electronic devices, including cell phones and computers.

Both Jeffrey and Steven Grossman have been charged with second-degree possession of child pornography.

Rochelle Park Midland school (Google Maps)
(Google Maps)

Jeffrey Grossman has taught at a middle school in Rochelle Park, where he was dubbed “teacher of the year” in 2015.

Steven Grossman has worked as a substitute teacher in the same school district.

The Rochelle Park Board of Education “immediately suspended both employees and directed them that they are prohibited from coming to the school for any reason and are prohibited from contacting any student or staff,” school officials confirmed to New Jersey 101.5 on Thursday night.

Tenafly (Google Maps)
Tenafly (Google Maps)

🔴 Tenafly Mayor calls for Grossman to resign

Tenafly Mayor Mark Zinna has called for Jeffrey Grossman to step down as council president, in light of the criminal charge he faces.

Grossman’s current three-year term expires in December. He has been running for re-election as a Democrat.

“I was shocked to learn of the arrest of our Borough Council President,” Zinna said in a statement sent to NJ 101.5 on Friday.

He continued, “I think it is in the best interest of the Borough that Mr. Grossman steps down in order that the people's business can continue uninterrupted and without distraction."

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