Thursday night marked the end of an era for not only NBC, but for a lot of Americans. As final guest Billy Crystal said during the episode, Jay Leno has become "America's nightlight."

Jay Leno asked Billy Crystal to come on during his last night as host of 'The Tonight Show' because he was Leno's first guest when he took over in 1992. Crystal provided a funny musical piece that involved a random assortment of celebrities. The musical guest was country superstar Garth Brooks, who performed 'The Dance' and 'Friends in Low Places', two of his most popular songs.

I found it humorous that Jay Leno omitted almost all mention of 2009, the year he started his own show, which had failed almost as bad as Conan O'Brien's brief takeover of 'The Tonight Show'. Leno returned on March 1, 2010.

Love him or hate him, Jay Leno did leave a mark on network television. You can see his final sign-off in the video below.

You can see Billy Crystal's star-studded tribute to Jay Leno below.

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