Enjoy the episode and make sure you come out to see me, Jessica, Jay and our friend Vinnie Brand on stage at the Comedy Cove in Springfield for two shows this weekend. One on Friday and one on Saturday starting at 9 p.m. -- Bill Spadea

From Jay Black:

You know how on TV sometimes they do an episode without one of the main characters, either because they were off filming a movie, or in rehab, or possibly getting fitted for those absurdly white teeth that everyone on TV seems to have nowadays?

Today's episode is like that.

Spadea couldn't make the show this week because of some issue that he had at one of his 16 or 17 jobs. A lot of people don't know this, but in addition to everything else he does, he's also a night manager at an Arby's, a Klieg light operator for an independent circus out of Albany, a Batman impersonator in Times Square, a snake wrangler, a bosun's mate on a clipper ship, and an "Essential Oils Representative" for a multi-level marketing company that is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice.

Point is, the guy is busy.

So, today's episode of Speaking Millennial has just Jessica Gibson and myself holding down the fort. Luckily, we're joined by the always funny and insightful Ashley Hall for a discussion that ranges from her reaction to us doing a podcast at Jessica's wedding to the ageism she encounters in her work in sports journalism.

It's a great episode, and don't worry: You'll still hear Bill's voice on the commercials!

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