The Town of Pleasant Valley in Dutchess County is over 200 years old.

Pleasant Valley is a town in Dutchess County, in New York's Hudson Valley with a population of 9,799 at the 2020 census. The town is centrally located in the county, northeast of the city of Poughkeepsie with U.S, Route 44 passing through the town.

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History shows that Settlers began arriving after 1735. The town was part of the Great Nine Partners Patent of 1697 ( a land grant made by New York governor Benjamin Fletcher.) The town was formed in 1821 from part of the town of Clinton.

Having lived in Pleasant Valley for a time around 2004 until 2012, I can tell you its a great little town with some fond memories I hold onto. Some memories maybe not be so fond LOL but that's just for me personally. I lived at a couple of spots along the Wappingers Creek, which runs through the Pleasant Valley area and flooding has always been an issue. I lived with my brother and his family in a very nice house off Wilbur Rd for a short time, and also lived in a small house right on the Creek off Shady Creek Rd for some time. While living at Shady Creek, the flooding got so bad that a rescue team had to come in and take me and my dogs out of the area via a backhoe. I thought that was a little dramatic, and that we could get out of there without the assistance, but the town was adamant about it, not wanting anyone to get hurt, so I respect that and am grateful for their efforts.

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Other than the major flooding issues experinced in my time of living in Pleasant Valley, there were some find memories. Hangin out at The Roadhouse (a great area bar) was always a fun time, some of the best chinese food could always be found at Beijing Chef, a trip to Brendee's for ice cream was always a treat, and of course visiting Daniel McRitchie at Pleasant Valley Agency for all my insurance needs. You pretty much got everything ya need for your shopping needsas well right there in that little town.

Happy 203rd Birthday Pleasant Valley!

The town of Pleasant Valley is 203 years old today (Jan. 26. 2024). Dutchess History is the unofficial Facebook page of the Dutchess County Department of History, part of the Dutchess County Clerk's Office. They took to their Facebook page to wish Pleasant Valley a happy 203rd birthday, and to share some history about the town (By the way, its also Hyde Park's 203rd birthday!) See the Dutchess History posting below.

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Editor's Note: I did this piece focusing on Pleasant Valley, rather than Hyde Park particularly for the reason that I lived in Pleasant Valley for some time, so it holds some spcial memories for me. We can't forget about Hyde Park though, many fun times there as well, and how about them Independence Day parades!

Photo credit: Pete Dahowski
Photo credit: Pete Dahowski

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