A New York state senator is proposing legislation that would require public places in New York to have adult changing tables for those with special needs.

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The Traveling with Dignity Act, also known as S7697, proposed by New York State Senator Pete Harckham, would place adult changing tables in public spaces throughout the state, including rest areas, museums, libraries, and government-owned facilities.
The senator noted that the current lack of adult changing tables prevents some New Yorkers from traveling, including seniors, veterans with traumatic injuries, and those born with disabilities.

"People need to have the dignity of privacy and accommodations that are suitable for their needs. And right now we don't," Harckham said. "It's an opportunity to give back to folks who give so much to so many others."

Senator Harckham emphasized that the legislation aims to provide suitable accommodations for residents and visitors to New York alike, promoting both safety and dignity. "People with differing abilities should be able to participate in the same activities, day trips, and excursions that are available to everybody."

Harckham noted that by providing adequate adult changing facilities in New York, caregivers, and family members would have a safer and more sanitary space to assist adults in need with the dignity they deserve.

The legislation's impact extends beyond public spaces, as Senator Harckham believes that once the bill is enacted, private businesses and facilities will likely follow suit and provide similar accommodations.

The Traveling with Dignity Act joins the ranks of similar legislation in other states, including Arizona, California, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. This comprehensive approach to enhancing accessibility has also gained support from several fellow legislators.

Harckham hopes to see the bill go into committee when the legislature returns in January.

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