Some of the best recipes my wife will make at home are recipes her mom passed down to her. Recipes that have been in the family for years and hopefully will be for years to come. Just like her cookbook, many pizzerias around the Garden State use their family recipe to make some of the best pizzas in America. So it's no wonder "family" pizza places are so popular, not only here in New Jersey, but around the nation.


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According to a recent article by FamilyMinded, The best family pizza joint is located in Hudson County. "You can pretty much find great pizza everywhere in New Jersey — after all, it's in the "Pizza Belt" — but one pizzeria stands out from the rest. Pizza Razza in Jersey City has consistently made "best pizza" lists everywhere, including in The New York Times, which dared to ask the question, "Is New York's Best Pizza in New Jersey?" in 2017."


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I think that's a fantastic line from the New York Times "Is New York's Best Pizza in New Jersey?" We have known that in Jersey for years. We have the best pizza right here in the Garden State. We have many family-owned pizza shops that carry on a great tradition of pizza making and we are lucky to get to enjoy it. If you are like me, you probably have a "family-owned" pizza shop in your neighborhood that is your "go-to" place. Give us some great pizza recommendations, post your comments below :)


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