Are Jersey Diners Disappearing To Make Way For Chain Restaurants?

This Jersey diner is almost 50 years old and now it is on the verge of demolition. New Jersey has the most diners in America, but is that number beginning to go down? According to NJ Spotlight News, "If you're on the road in New Jersey and have a hankering for something to eat other than the same-old, same-old fast-food fare, you're in luck. New Jersey boasts 530 diners, the highest number of any state."





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Medport Diner
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In a recent article from, they were looking at the latest Jersey Diner that could be demolished to make way for a chain restaurant (Chipotle). "Medport Diner of Medford is proposed to be demolished to make way for a Chipotle Mexican Grill. The 45-year-old diner is located at 122 Route 70. An application to the township’s Zoning Board of Adjustment proposes the diner be demolished and replaced by “an approximately 13,905 square foot multi-tenant retail shopping center.”



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Have you seen any diners in your town close recently? Are New Jersey "diners" disappearing? I hope not I always enjoy going to diners and one of my favorite diner specialties is the Monte Cristo, have you had this sandwich? It's like brunch, breakfast meets lunch on one plate lol.

What does a Monte Cristo sandwich contain?

According to Striped Spatula, "At its core, the Monte Cristo is made as a double or triple decker with ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese. The assembled sandwich is then dipped into an egg batter or custard and pan fried or deep fried until golden. In the Southern United States, it also sometimes includes a crunchy breading, such as crushed corn flakes." It also comes with maple syrup to dip the sandwich in, I love this sandwich!


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