There is some great new being released from the TSA regarding airports across New York State. The new year is here and as we see record numbers of travelers passing through the gates at airports, there are less cases of people bringing guns.

This past holiday travel season, there was an incredible amount of people headed to airports. Now that we are approaching the fourth anniversary of the COVID pandemic, people feel more comfortable to travel among large crowds and there were plenty.

But post 9-11, many who travel have been anxious and fearful about the security on a plane or in an airport. Thankfully, a recent reports shows that check points are working and people are following the rules more often.

The Transportation Security Administration says that fewer guns were detected at Upstate New York airport security checkpoints in 2023.

Ironically, there was a gun confiscated just this week at the airport in Rochester.

As far as legally traveling with a gun, there is a way that it can happen. According to a story from

Passengers may travel with firearms. Firearms must be unloaded and packed in a locked hard-side case in checked baggage. The case should be brought to and declared at the check-in counter. All firearms are stored in the belly of the aircraft to ensure no one has access to them mid-flight.

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