This is insane.

If a town or village is going to run a property tax hike and realize they are behind nearly 20% of where they need to be after one year, maybe the wrong people are in charge.

The Village of Fredonia is the latest municipality that is facing a potential tax hike. It's important to note that at this stage, it is simply a proposal, but a wild one at that.

There are 2 big reasons why there is going to be a tax hike:

  • Inflation
  • There are way less people in the Village of Fredonia.
  • There are about 9,000 people vs. 12,000 people 10 years ago.

The taxes have been raised under 3 percent the last few years in the Village of Fredonia. There has been much debate about the tax rate.

When asked why a 19% hike, (trustee Paul) Wandel said "probably the the costs of running the government in the village of Fredonia has outpaced the tax revenues, and as I said, that's largely due, I think, to inflation. So it it may well be that there was not enough tax revenue coming in over previous years to substantiate the budget, and currently where we're at right now, so it's basically caught up with the village", according to WGRZ.

The Village of Fredonia is certainly not the first town or village to propose tax hikes in Western New York.


  • The Village of Kenmore is expecting their taxes to go up to 5.4% and here is why.
  • Cheektowaga was the center of a massive tax debate a couple of years ago.
  • Amherst tax rate is going up over 11%. 

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