Smart and mentally well people understand that doctors and scientists are not part of some grand Illuminati deep state conspiracy. The others, who deny science, believe they know more about medicine than top epidemiologists and like using words like libtard and sheep, have been called maskholes. It’s a portmanteau you can figure out. Because these are the people who lie and say the pandemic is over, it’s no worse than flu, it’s all a hoax, etc., and rant and rave like spoiled 3 year olds and refuse to wear a face covering. Or refuse to wear it properly.

They will walk into stores without a mask somehow feeling that makes them smarter and tougher (it makes them the opposite). Or they’ll have one barely covering their lips and not at all covering their nose. If their child should ever need surgery would they be OK with the surgeon wearing one this way?

Now there is legislation to put more teeth to the mask rule in the form of fines up to $500. More Democratic lawmakers are in favor and more Republican lawmakers are against. The Democrats are correct in their science and the Republicans are flawed in their reasoning.

However, the Republicans are right. This should not be law. But they are not right for the reasons they think.

The reason it shouldn’t be law is you can’t fix stupid. And the paranoid maskholes who rant about hoaxes are such defiant man-children that they won’t care about the fine. It will just give them more reason to falsely believe the government is “only trying to control us.”

What they WILL care about is not being sold the goods or services they seek in these businesses. It is incumbent on businesses to deal head-on with the problem and turn them away swiftly and unequivocally. If they cannot be sold the groceries they seek, the restaurant meal they desire, the appliance they want, that will have a far greater impact than maybe a cop showing up in time to cite them.

So if fines must be issued it is the business establishment that needs to be fined for not refusing service. If this seems unfair, remember a homeowner is liable for someone who leaves their property after drinking too much, too. They were invited in just as a store is inviting the public to enter to engage in commerce. When an underage kid tries buying alcohol it is the store that gets fined for selling it to them. Fining the business will be far more effective to stop maskholes from even trying.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

Deminski's unfair theory of personality based on mask choice:

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