Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Eric Scott was filling in for Bill Spadea today and decided to get the conversation going about the holiday.

Eric's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and is planning on having a house full this year. Not only is he cooking a regular turkey but he is frying a turkey as well. It's going to be a holiday full of great food, fun, family and friends.

Eric mentioned that everyone has their favorite dish for Thanksgiving. There are some dishes that may be a family tradition with a secret recipe that you look forward to, or there is just a special food or drink that you're accustomed to having on the holiday that makes the day complete.

So to kick off the Thanksgiving Day discussion, Eric asked the staff the following question: "It's not Thanksgiving unless I have ________?"

The answers varied from homemade specialty dishes to Turkey Day standards. Here are the responses from the staff:

Eric - Mashed turnips

Bill - Broccoli rabe with garlic and pepper flakes

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow - Mashed potatoes

Patrick Lavery - Pureed sweet potatoes with orange zest

Bob Williams - Aunt Nan's Cranbury Jello Mold

Cara DiFalco - Pumpkin pie

Brian Gregory - Garlic herbed pierogis and chocolate orange juice cake

Chris Swendeman - Sausage stuffing

Dennis Malloy - Candied yams

Jessica Frank - Grandma's Pumpkin pie

What dish or drink is a must-have for you at Thanksgiving?

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