No, this is not a commentary on global warming or climate change (pick your political term). This is about the change to remote learning.

Despite the horrible delivery, which has left so many kids in the dark and falling behind, the fact is there is no longer a compelling reason for buses with school kids to travel in bad weather. And there is certainly no reason why a school day should be missed given the ability to meet by Zoom.

That said, the current set up for remote learning is complete nonsense. Kids are isolated and teachers have lost the ability to "read" the class, make corrections and interact in a normal human way. It is totally inappropriate as a new normal. But I do see it as a work-around to end snow days and make sure that school years end on the designated date every year.

For a couple weeks in April, we had no idea what was coming our way with COVID, so the panic among administrators at least had some justification. But there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that kids are not super spreaders, kids are nearly immune from getting sick and teachers are healthier being in class than other workers.

There is a comprehensive study in the NEJM and I've had the conversation on air with Harvard University medical professor Dr. Martin Kulldorff confirming the facts about how safe schools have been for everyone.

It's beyond debate that our schools should be open in person with no masks and no distance. But given the technology, when they are open, they should retire the snow day and switch to remote for those snowy days we will continue to have long into the future.

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