A while ago stacker.com put together a list of must-drive roads for each state. As someone who has gone on several coast-to-coast road trips and driven through more than 40 of our 50 states I was feeling pretty cocky as I read the list that I would have several already under my driving belt.

Turns out I had only one. That was California's PCH or Pacific Coast Highway. It's a beautiful, winding road that goes north out of Malibu and up the long coast overlooking the ocean. I mostly drove it in the Malibu area and that's where I had the chance Whoopi Goldberg sighting I've mentioned on the show.


But surely I had to drive the “must-drive” road in New Jersey. It’s my home state. The place I was born and raised. The state where I first learned to drive. A state where I’ve lived in a third of the counties.

But I never drove this New Jersey road. I’ll give you a hint. The New Jersey section of this road is 11 miles long. (Implying there’s a non-New Jersey section.)

First, see if you’ve been on any of these states’ most exhilarating roads and when you get to New Jersey’s ask yourself if this is truly the best in the state. Because I have my doubts. At the end of this gallery I’ll tell you why.

See the Must-Drive Roads in Every State

So Palisades Interstate Parkway is the best ride in the state? The “must-drive”?

I don’t know.

If you ever got almost lost in the beauty and mystery of the Pine Barrens you might argue that. Or what about the bucolic twisting roads of much of Hunterdon County in the fall? Or the roads cutting through lush mountains in Warren County?

I think there are many backroads of New Jersey that motorcycle riders seek out for a peaceful ride far sooner than Palisades Interstate Parkway. But if I’m wrong I’m sure you’ll let me know.

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