With the new regulations about "single-use bags," which many of us use over and over, many people are opting to use carts and bring their purchases out to their car.

Perhaps they forgot their bags or maybe they've been using carts all along. That's great. That's what they're there for.

NOW PUT THEM BACK in the conveniently located cart corrals in the parking lot.

Lots of us have just left them in our car because we didn't want to walk the extra 30 steps to put the cart back. We're busy and need to get home quickly, but it's rude and inconsiderate.

Most of us would never think of scolding someone for not returning their cart.

Maybe we'll give a "hairy eyeball" to the perpetrator, but no one says anything to the offender, UNTIL NOW!

Enter "Agent Sebastian", the cart narc.

Via Dr.Phil on YouTube
Via Dr.Phil on YouTube

He confronts people and scolds them for not returning their cart to the cart corral. As you might have guessed, he doesn't get a warm response from the people he confronts.

People criticize him for shaming people for their inconsiderate lazy behavior.

Is he a hero, a good Samaritan, or just a busy-body jerk?

The guy has a point. It takes seconds to put the cart back in its place. It's just common courtesy, and there's a real lack of that in society today.

Some might say they pay a kid to take care of the carts. Yeah, his job is to get the carts from the cart corals and bring them to the entrance of the store.

It's a simple thing, but why not just be a mature, responsible adult and put the f@^&ing thing back where it belongs? Thank you!

Thousands of NJ Shoppers Are Guilty of This Every Day

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