The northern half of the state calls it a sub and the southern half calls it a hoagie. The other day one of our wonderful sponsors, Jersey Mike's Subs, brought in a bunch of subs for the staff. They were awesome as always.

This prompted a heated discussion between me and one of my co-workers (who I love like a brother) about subs and hoagies. Now, he's from North Jersey (he calls it Central Jersey. See my previous video on that one!) and I'm a hayseed from South Jersey. He claimed that a hoagie is different from a sub, as he described exactly what I always called a hoagie and he calls a sub.

So he did some research and came up with, yes a subtle difference.

With a sub, the bread is a softer roll cut all the way through and the top is separated from the bottom of the roll. With a hoagie, a harder roll is preferred and the roll is split and the contents (generally the same) are stuffed into the roll and folded closed at the completion.

So I learned something new! I love when that happens. By the way, there is a sandwich place in Surf City on LBI (just about in the middle of the state) called 'Suboagies' that tries to make everyone happy. Kudos to them!

Tomorrow I will video the making of a Sicilian variation of the sub/hoagie that I ate when I was in Sicily with my kids a few years back. My mouth is watering already! We even have our own topping for our hoagies! They sell it in my local supermarket today in "South Jersey.”

(Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media)
(Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media)

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