How old were you when you started a family? Did you wait until you were financially well off before your first child was born? Those questions came to me as I read today’s installment on “Millenials.”


'Twenty-something' is an age where some want to be married no matter what. Others will say they’re never getting married, only to change their mind as they get older or meet the right person. Not everyone wants a commitment in their twenties, and waiting until you’re financially well off does buy you time before you have to take that next step on the growing up ladder.

When it comes to money, 2 salaries are better than one, and if your college education paid off, you’re already in a position to pay off your debt. If not, then there’s also the hope of finding the right job that will enable you to do so. How much time will it take to save up enough money to start a family, if there ever is enough? Will that line keep moving?

The “greatest generation” started their families with nothing, beginning with the depression. Many baby boomers also started families without any money. You've heard the stories from your friends and relatives. How many people start by saying “we wanted to wait until we had enough money?" Would you be here if your parents had waited?

Can everyone you know afford their family? Are they happy none the less?  How much of a factor will your income play when you start your family?


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