Election Day is November 7th, and by all accounts Democratic nominee Phil Murphy has nothing to worry about. Poll after poll has him with a double digit lead on Kim Guadagno. Yet polls have been wrong, and internal polling is a science unto itself. A Goldman Sachs millionaire like Murphy can certainly afford the best. So are those internal polls showing something the public ones aren't? Does he know he has some reason to worry?

I'm asking because of the recent rotating door of high profile supporters coming to New Jersey to convince you Murphy is the guy you need. Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, former vice presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden, former Secretary of State and recent presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and former President Barack Obama have all come to New Jersey as cheerleaders. Now former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to appear Tuesday in Paramus. He'll speak at 5pm at the local IBEW 164 headquarters there.

This seems like overkill for a guy running for governor in a blue state who has a double digit lead. Is he just leaving nothing up to chance? Or does he know something we don't know?

Here's what I do know. Whenever we have taken calls in the past few weeks asking people which way they're voting, it has been overwhelmingly Guadagno. Does this represent the whole state? Of course not. And the number of registered Democrats beats the number of registered Republicans by some 800,000. Yet bigger than either group is Independents. 2,402,244 of them. Could they sway this whole thing?

My gut tells me this state is too smart to put a false promise maker like Phil Goldman Sachs Murphy in charge. Or maybe it's just my sincere hope.

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