Ed Forchion, aka NJ Weedman, has been locked up in Mercer County Correction Center for months.

Weedman has become somewhat of a cult figure in the state over the last dozen years, even running for office a couple of years ago. He is being held for witness intimidation for his upcoming trial on a marijuana charge.

He claims what he posted on Facebook about the person who was set to testify against him was public record and not in any way witness intimidation.

I am not a lawyer, but several reputable attorneys have agreed and have tried to get him released on bail, with no success.

Whether you agree with his lifestyle and politics or not, it seems a gross miscarriage of justice to take a man's freedom without the opportunity to post bail.

We had an interview scheduled with him. The warden seemed very cooperative and agreeable and then the county prosecutor's office intervened and pulled the plug. It endangers the liberty and freedom of ALL of us if even one of us is jailed and not given the opportunity post bail.

It seems he crossed a line when he said some nasty things on social media about a local police officer. Whether that was the straw that broke the camel's back in all of his brushes with the law around his promotion of the legalization of weed, we'll probably not know anytime soon.

It just seems that if the authorities can do this to him, they can do this to any of us.

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