A new study by WalletHub.com says that New Jersey is only the eighth worst state to drive in! I know, I know, you thought we’d be the very worst.

The survey took into consideration 31 factors like road quality, rush hour congestion, gas prices, cost of ownership and maintenance of the vehicle, traffic indiscipline (aka bad behavior on the road), likelihood of hitting a deer, and prevalence of parking lots/garages.

Source: WalletHub

Our lowest rating was in traffic/infrastructure (which includes things like bridge quality, road quality, commute time, and several weather metrics) where we are 48th. We’re 40th in congestion, but we are 9th in safety.

The absolute worst state to drive in is Hawaii, in part because they have the highest maintenance and repair costs. Rhode Island, Washington, California, and Colorado are also sucky places to drive. The top five? Iowa, Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas, and Nebraska.

New York ranks as the 19th best, while Pennsylvania is 33rd. I guess the takeaway is that even though driving in New Jersey is crappy, it’s not as crappy as other places or as crappy as you probably thought.

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