That's right, according to independent candidate for Mayor Charlie Kratovil, the parking authority in New Brunswick has become it's own independent entity borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars and grabbing up real estate.

None of their actions are helping the residents of one of New Jersey's great small cities. He calls the city the "parking deck capitol" of New Jersey and laments the fact that parking is a challenge and with no limits on the power of the entity, things will get worse.

He's running for Mayor against an incumbent seeking his 8th term. As you know, I spend a decent amount of time in New Brunswick performing and hosting shows at the Stress Factory Comedy Club and can attest to the fact that parking is a challenge. Street parking is near impossible and I've had to back out of the garage because the machine doesn't always register a credit card properly and keeps the gate down.

The bottom line is that every town in New Jersey could benefit from some fresh ideas and new thinking. Charlie's a registered Democrat and a Rutgers grad who started two newspapers, New Brunswick Today and Paterson Press.

He joined me to discuss his plan to dissolve the parking authority, monetize the assets to eliminate the debt and start over with a proper transportation department. Hopefully this will lead to lower taxes, more parking availability and partnerships with Rutgers and the hospitals in town. He's got strong ideas and a bold attitude to carry out a plan.

What's you're worst place to park in Jersey?

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