The temperature is still in the 80s, but are you ready to catch the Christmas spirit ... in September?

(Digital Vision., ThinkStock)
(Digital Vision., ThinkStock)

It sounds crazy, but some Jersey stores have already started gearing up for the holiday season, with decorations, deals and promotions designed to lure in shoppers.

The vast majority of shoppers along Route 1 in Mercer County seemed genuinely surprised to hear the news.

“It’s way too early, we keep changing the calendar relative to the retail market,” said Robert from Monroe Township.

His wife Andrea agreed, saying “It’s very crazy, not just a little. Kids just started school!”

Another shopper agreed, saying we haven't even gotten through the fall holidays yet.

“We haven’t had Halloween, we haven’t had Thanksgiving, let us enjoy those holidays before we go on to Christimas,” she said. “This is positively nutty.”

John from Hamilton said “it’s far too early, Halloween is too early, Thanksgiving is when we should start with Christmas decorations and Christmas music, this is just too bizarre for me.”

Another shopper chimed in saying, “you gotta live in the present, can’t keep looking to the future.”

Yeah, it’s crazy it’s still summer, it’s not even fall yet, no less Christmas

One woman worried about the children.

“It’s crazy the kids are just back in school, they’re going to be all hyped up they’re going to see Christmas decorations,” she said. “Let them be kids, enjoy fall, enjoy Halloween, enjoy Thanksgiving, then look to Christmas.”

“It’s way, way, way, way too early,” said another shopper. “It’s September and the holiday isn’t till the end of December, what are we doing?”

“This is absolutely insane,” said another man grinning. “You should be enjoying the fall season, we’re not even in the fall yet!”