Tis the season, New Jersey. Time to deck the halls in t-shirts and shorts as Christmas has arrived on the doorstep of fall.

Leaves have barely begun to change color yet, and New Jersey retailers are already thinking about jingling those bells. So forget about stuffing the bird, it's time to stuff the stockings.

Now, I'm sure retailers wouldn't do this unless they knew their customers wanted to shop the holidays months in advance. But in my opinion, Christmas in September is just way too soon. Same goes for Valentines in December, or Easter in January.

So let's forget about Halloween and Thanksgiving, it's time to celebrate Christmas in New Jersey. Don't believe me? Let's take a tour through one of New Jersey's big box retailers. And just for reference, this tour was taken the last weekend of summer. Enjoy.

A Holly Jolly tour through one of NJ's retailers - In September

So what do you think? Do New Jersey retailers jump the gun when it comes to holidays? Take the poll and make your voice heard.

Since we're on the topic of holidays, what's the outlook on some of this year's hottest toys? Will there be a shortage? Will prices be reasonable? Check out the list below to see what trends you can expect this holiday season.

Hottest 2021 toys that might see price hikes

Not only is there going to be a big toy shortage this Christmas shopping season but now the reality of big price hike is going to crush parents as well.

Regardless if certain gifts are expensive or in short supply, you really have nothing to complain about. Here's why you should be thankful you're living in New Jersey, no matter the time of year.

Don't complain: Seven reasons why you're lucky to be living in NJ

Despite the cost, here are seven lucky reasons why you should be proud to be living in New Jersey.

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