By Jeff Deminski

Could a Beatles reunion still be possible? Well, not really, but there's a Canadian dentist by the name of Michael Zuk who says he plans on cloning John Lennon.

Let's start at the beginning. In the mid 1960's John Lennon lost a molar. He gave it to his housekeeper and told her to throw it out, then almost as an afterthought, said she could also give it to her daughter, a huge Beatles fan, as a weird souvenir. So she did. Lennon's tooth stayed in that family until 2011 when it sold at auction for $30,000. It was Michael Zuk, this Canadian dentist who bought it.

From the New York Daily News,

"He built up a fortune that he didn't get to enjoy," Zuk told the Daily News. "For someone else to end his life at age 40, bringing him back gives him a second chance almost."


"Someone killed him, some crazed guy who had access to guns," Zuk said. "Society just allowed a guy who was signing autographs and was friendly to somebody to get gunned down by a wacko."

Zuk says he wants to give these fans another, happier memory: the day Lennon comes back to life.

At the time of the sale, Rolling Stone Magazine reported the tooth was too fragile to be DNA tested to confirm that it was really Lennon's. In fact, in August of last year, Zuk gave a small fragment of the tooth to his sister to use in a work of art. The rest of the tooth also toured the UK to promote the dangers of mouth cancer. Remember, Zuk is a dentist. Now, however, he says he hopes to "fully sequence" Lennon's DNA.