A new Rutgers University poll finds 4 out of 5 New Jerseyans are satisfied with their neighborhood. But race and income are factors for those who are dissatisfied with where they live.

Joel Cantor, director of The Center for State Health Policy at Rutgers, says the poll sought to determine the factors that generate satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a neighborhood.

"We asked people how they felt about where they live in general, but also how they felt about their ability to get and stay healthy in the neighborhood. Are their neighborhoods, 'walkable'? Can they exercise outside? Is there access to healthy fruits and vegetables nearby?"

Cantor says blacks and Hispanics were less likely to express neighborhood satisfaction.

"What is driving these ratings? It is no doubt a complex set of factors. Low income is a big part of it."

The poll found whites and Asians most likely to express satisfaction with where they live.

Some of the main findings of "The New Jersey Health and Well-Being Poll:"

— An overall 81 percent of poll respondents rated their neighborhood as a good or excellent place to live.

— 91 percent of those with a high income rated their neighborhood highly.

— For those with a middle income, 78 pecent were satisfied with their neighborhood.

— 57 percent of those with a low income were satisfied with where they live.

— Blacks and Hispanics were much less likely to rate where they live as good or excellent, 61 percent and 62 percent, respectively, compared to 88 percent of white respondents and 91 percent of Asian respondents.

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