Yeah yeah, we’re aggressive drivers. I feel like we’re told that from the day we’re born.

I don’t think you truly realize it either until you hear people from other states talk about their driving experiences here.

Or if you go and drive in another state. It can feel like the twilight zone. Other states don't seem to abide by the same rules of the road as we do in Jersey.

I’ve talked to numerous people who think they know the road, but the second they drive in New Jersey they say it’s a different animal.

We drive fast, the speed limit is a suggestion, get out of the left lane if you’re not doing at least 10 over the speed limit. It seems like it’s obvious to us from here.

But while we are very crazy drivers, we need to make sure when on the road that we are driving like everyone else is... an idiot!

My grandma told me this when I was really young. I never understood it until I got my driver's license. You don’t know what can happen on the road, but it’s smart to always expect the worst.

It’s true, you never know what someone’s next move is going to be on the road.

So sometimes you need to forget the Jersey standard of driving like a maniac. Forget that we have a reputation for being crazy drivers. Forget all of that.

But remember to drive like everyone else on the road is an idiot!

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