Jim McGreevey resigned amid scandal.

In 2004, he announced to the state, and the country, that he was gay. While for many in New Jersey, that was a non-issue, his choice to make his lover homeland security adviser drew criticism from all quarters.

"The governor was the butt of all manor of humor," Jim Gearhart remembers. Mentioning Jim McGreevey, he says, was a lot like mentioning Pee-wee Herman.

But, says (our) Jim, "Of the six governors I have watched and observed in New Jersey ... he accomplished more, practically, for the people of New Jersey than all the others combined."

Need proof? Walk into a Motor Vehicle Commission office. It's improved "to the extent that you could actually go into one of the offices without being insulted or almost assaulted at times."

The former governor has also gone on to become an Episcopal priest, and works with Exodus Transitional Community to help former prisoners seeking rehabilitation. He's also the head of Jersey City's Employment and Training Program.

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